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Sole Fitness

Sole was started by a group that left another large fitness equipment manufacturer over a decade ago. They identified a few areas they could capitalize on and the results have been very favorable. Through Soles direct sales online and their partnerships with the likes of Hilton Hotels and retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods, Sole has become the fastest growing Fitness Equipment Company in the world. Sole has filled a hole in the industry for consumers, very good quality at a very reasonable price. As a matter of fact, Sole treadmills could easily sell for double their retail pricing if they were offered through more traditional distribution channels.

Many higher end manufacturers have their roots in commercial equipment and have tried to dummy down models in order to compete in the home market. This is difficult because these manufacturers risk losing their high margins and credibility in their commercial divisions. They protect their $5000 brands by not being as fair and competitive in the home market as they could be. Sole Fitness products are value packed and high on performance primarily because their mission is high end home fitness specific. There are better products available but not better for you. What we mean by this is that most $2000 plus equipment isn't designed for home use but rather engineered for 24 hour use with many users. Many expensive components go into these products as well as built in margin for potential service, which is an absolute overkill for home use and most people would pay for them unnecessarily for their purpose. Sole Fitness products cut out the high cost of the unnecessary parts but definitely leave in the important aspects of overall commercial quality. Sole products perfectly fill our home market recommendation and most appealing category ($999 to $1999) for most online shoppers in that their lower priced offerings are of exceptional quality and their higher priced products are every bit as good as ultra high end brands for a fraction of the cost.

It also speaks volumes that Sole products are carried by Dick's Sporting Goods nationwide. Unlike many online brands that you can't see before you buy, it's nice to be able to take a test drive and there are plenty of locations to do it. Sole products absolutely sell themselves. Dick's Sporting Goods stores and their certified trainer sales force can carry any line they want and Sole is their choice for quality and value. We can't stress enough what an endorsement it is that Dick's Sporting Goods chooses Sole over any other manufacturer. Dick's has done business with all of the brands on the market and they made the decision to surgically remove everyone but Sole in order to maximize customer satisfaction and in turn their operations.

Sole Fitness puts the customer first, they really do. Their products are excellent and their operations are just as good. No one is perfect but we assure you Sole will never leave anything unresolved or any customer less than very satisfied.

Sole fitness equipment will take an absolute beating and their warranties back that up. Whether it's wanting to keep up with your grandchildren or train for a marathon, Sole offers the ideal fitness equipment for your home. Products priced between $999 and $2499.

* For specific recommendations within the Sole line for your type of usage we suggest contacting the experts at Sole Fitness directly at 1-866-780-7653.
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